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Our Menu of Modern Organic Cuisine

Mija Handcraft Kitchen

darling dishes

avocado toast egg +3

thick sliced grilled brioche, onion jam, arugula,
citrus guacamole, charred tomatoes, balsamic
glaze, micro-greens


chicken & waffle gf

gluten free waffle, deep fried chicken strips,
sunny egg, cinnamon butter, maple syrup, house jam


classic breakfast

2 cagefree eggs any style, applewood smoked bacon, breakfast potatoes, brioche toast, housemade jam, cinnamon butter, seasoned organic greens


green chile frittata gf

baked farm eggs, roasted green chile,
queso oaxaca, white corn, choice of flour
or corn tortilla, house recipe salsa


seed crusted honey lime salmon. gf

salmon, garlic russet mash, roasted maple carrots


mac n cheese

ziti pasta, 3 cheeses, cheen chle, chicken,
tomatillo sauce, queso fresco, chili oil


brioche french toast

thick cut brioche, cinnamon egg custard, charred strawberry jam, house-made whip cream, seasonal berries


mom’s chilaquiles gf

mom’s red chile or tomatillo sauce, pork, chicken, or vegetable, sweet onion, queso fresco, avocado, poached egg, micro-greens, onion jam, chives


fish tacos. gf

avocado, pickled red cabbage, micro-greens, chips, lime,crema pineapple salsa, corn salad


green chile monte cristo guy fieri’s fave

beer battered flash fried flour tortilla, sweet & salty, jack cheese, green chile, applewood bacon, house-made strawberry jam, powdered sugar, sunny egg


shrimp hollandaise

2 cage free eggs, green chile, cheese, butter
scone, grilled shrimp, seasoned organic greens, housemade hollandaise


bacon & shrimp stuffed chile relleno

+ egg 3 gf
applewood bacon, shrimp, oaxaca cheese,
roasted white corn, tomatillo, beer batter


mija flautas

flash fried flour tortilla, pulled pork, chicken or green chile potato, lime crema, seasoned arugula, salsa


enchiladas gf

egg +3
pork, chicken, cactus corn tortillas, tomatillo or house red chile sauce


huevos rancheros gf

half order 10 gf
cactus corn tortillas, poached farm egg, roasted tomatillo sauce, black bean purée, housemade turkey chorizo, avocado, micro-greens, onion jam, queso fresco, chives


farm bowl gf

sweet potato hash, house-made turkey chorizo, balsamic farm greens, tomato, avocado, farm egg, micro-greens


granola bowl gf

house-toasted cinnamon oats, golden raisins,
dried cranberries, organic greek yogurt,
coconut, fresh berries, house-made fresa quemada


soup & salad

soup and bread of the day cup

Bowl 15.00


taco salad gf

seasoned turkey chorizo, garlic black beans, white corn, pico de gallo, farm greens, avocado, citrus cilantro, vinaigrette, housemade corn chips


organic side salad. gf/v

organic greens, campari tomato, cucumber,
avocado, citrus cilantro vinaigrette


harvest salad

apple, sweet potato, cranberries, pecans, quinoa, arugula, pickled cabbage, watermelon radish, queso fresco, champagne vinaigrette, grilled bread


salmon salad. gf

grilled salmon, organic greens, roasted corn,
black beans, grilled tomato, pineapple salsa,
champagne vinaigrette



avocado shrimp cocktail gf

shrimp, avocado, cucumber, sweet red pepper,
red onion, spicy rich tomato base, chips, lime


mija cheese board

3 cheeses, spicy pecans, strawberry jam, bread toast.


coachella nachos gf

chips, pork or chicken, pico de gallo, 2 cheeses, red sauce, lime crema


queso fundido gf

queso oaxaca, queso panella, queso monterey, turkey chorizo, charred jalapeno, pico de gallo, chips


tamale bowl gf

handmade tamale, poached egg, micro greens, red chile consomme


carne asada fries gf

russet fries, red chile or green chile sauce, lime crema, scallions, pico de gallo


mini shrimp tostadas gf

grilled shrimp, guacamole, pickled red onion, red cabbage, pico de gallo, lime crema, queso fresco, charred jalapeño


tomato skillet

heirloom tomatoes, garlic, parsely, chili oil,
baked manchego, grilled bread


esquites gf

sautéed organic sweet white corn off the cob,
mayo, green chile, queso fresco, salt, scallions, lime, chips


burgers & sandwiches

mija burger + fries

grass fed beef, brioche bun, organic greens, pickle, heirloom tomato, sweet potato fries, sweet pepper aioli


all day beefy breakfast cheeseburger

grass fed beef, green chile, bacon, 3 cheese, sunny egg, heirloom tomato, brioche bun,
sweet potato fries


avocado BLT

bacon, lettuce, heirloom tomato, sunny egg, choice of soup or organic salad


chicken spinach wrap

baked chicken breast, fresh spinach, heirloom tomato, pickled cabbage, cucumber, sweet pepper aoli. choice of soup or organic salad


mija torta

pulled pork or chicken, grilled onions,sweet peppers, avocado, pickled cabbage, charred
jalapeño, red chile “au jus”,beans


vegan favorites

mija pancakes v/gf/df

single 10
dairy free, egg free, gluten free pancakes, local berries, house-made vegan butter, real maple syrup


vegan bowl v

whole garlic black beans, hummus, toasted quinoa, organic farm greens, grilled seasonal vegetables, sweet potato, cucumber, watermelon radish, pickled cabbage, avocado, citrus cilantro vinaigrette


enchiladas gf/v

roasted veggie, cactus corn tortllas, tomatillo
or house red chile sauce, vegan cheese


mija chips & salsa flight gf/v

guac 5 v
roasted tomato salsa, spicy salsa, roasted garlic tomatillo sauce


buffalo cauliflower gf/v

fresh cauliflower, beer batter, spicy buffalo
sauce, pesto mayo


vegan burger v

black bean, white corn, sweet potato, avocado,
heirloom tomato,avocado,pickled cabbage,
sweet potato fries


vegan grilled breakfast burrito v

black beans, vegan egg, spinach, sweet potato,
griddled zucchini, yellow squash,red pepper,
avocado, pickled cabbage,chips, salsa


the trio gf/v

guacamole, salsa, red chile hummus, house chips


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