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About Mija


About Mija Handcraft Kitchen

Chef and owner, Katherine Gonzalez, was raised in Southern Arizona. Her mother’s family migrated from Chihuahua, Mexico, and her father’s family from Spain. Growing up, there was always a pot of beans cooking, freshly made flour tortillas, salsa, and sopas fideo. Every celebration featured warm and delicious comfort food including her mother’s famous tamales, chips, and fresh salsas.


Katherine's love for heritage-inspired dishes began at a young age while cooking with her mama.

After years of watching her mother in the kitchen, Katherine began learning how to make her signature tamales, chips, and salsa. Over time, Katherine began to experiment with her family’s recipes to create different flavor profiles. She spent many hours learning the secrets to vibrant and tasty dishes which she is proud to share through Chúla Artisan Eatery and Mija Handcraft Kitchen!

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